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Tenure-Track Research Positions 23/06/2021

LARSyS associated laboratory through funding awarded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) is searching for potential candidates for up to 16 tenure-track research positions in the following areas: Robotics, Sustainability, Human-Computer Interaction, Energy, Computer Science, Design, Social Sciences, Data Science. These research positions will catalyze collaboration at the LARSyS Thematic Lines- AIR, LIFE, INTERACTION, OCEANS, and URBAN.

This open call aims at establishing a pool of outstanding researchers and informing the schedule of formal applications according to the applicable laws and regulations.

The application period will be open from June 23rd to July 23rd.

The successful candidates will work with a multi-disciplinary group of researchers, whose research agendas are complemented and extended through a set of 5 interdisciplinary Thematic Lines:

  • OCEANS: Exploration and Exploitation
  • URBAN: Sustainability
  • AIR: Aeronautics and Space Systems
  • LIFE: Engineering for and from the Life Sciences
  • INTERACTION: Cognitive Robotics and Human Experience

Read the Terms of the Call.

Additional information may be provided via email