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New Master in Engineering and Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 17/07/2019

MEGIE - Master in Engineering and Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship - is the new Master of IST, coordinated by Professors Joana Mendonça and Miguel Preto, from IN+. The main objective of the course is to train qualified professionals and equip them with tools in innovation management, design thinking and development of new products and services, entrepreneurship and technology commercialization, and technological and sectorial policies, contributing to the formulation and implementation innovative business strategies and public policies, as well as the creation of new technology-based companies.

The MEGIE thus intends to train human resources positioned in industry and services, public institutions, universities, R&D units, organizations dedicated to technology transfer and commercialization, or other areas of the Scientific and Technological System that can enhance the role played by Science and Technology in promoting business competitiveness and employment, as well as sustainable and socially responsible economic development.

In this context, MEGIE contributes to develop in engineers and scientists valences in two fundamental dimensions: in a business dimension, focused on the use of new technologies through the development / commercialization of new products and services, creation of companies and development of new business by companies already leading to increased productivity, competitiveness and employment; and in a public policy dimension, supporting the definition of public initiatives that stimulate the generation and economic exploitation of technological changes in financing, market intervention, support for entrepreneurial initiatives, stimulation of research and development and training of human resources, supporting technological and economic development.

In Portugal there is a similar offer in the area of management, aimed at students of management and economics, but not for students with background in engineering or science and technology. MEGIE curriculum allows to centralizein a single course the offers of innovation and entrepreneurship that are dispersed in the various departments of IST.

MEGIE has as reference the programs developed by the Engineering and Public Policy Department of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), namely the Master in Engineering & Technology Innovation Management; Technology & Policy Program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Master in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship of the College of Management of Technology of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne; the Master's programs in Technology, Policy and Management at Delft University of Technology; as well as doctoral programs developed under the MIT-Portugal and CMU-Portugal Programs.

Applications are open until August 2. This year will be offered 10 scholarships for the best candidates.

More information about MEGIE is available at