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MetaExplorer: Urban sustainability and socio-economic data explorer and visualization platform 19/10/2021

Researchers from the Industrial Ecology and Sustainability Laboratory at IN+ have recently launched an urban sustainability and socio-economic data explorer and visualization platform (MetaExplorer). The platform brings together and makes available a national public database on energy and sustainability of the various economic sectors and demand vectors, such as electricity consumption, CO2 emissions, waste management, mobility, buildings, among other indicators.
The main objective of MetaExplorer is to make this information more accessible to everyone and to add a georeferenced data visualization tool, to better inform local public entities and help formulate public policies. Although the data is public, it was dispersed and in need of treatment, making it now more useful for researchers and research projects.
The initiative started from a common need to develop data science and coding skills and was implemented in weekly online meetings through a collective learning process from a common project, distributed in groups in charge of collecting, processing and representing the data.
The next steps are to continue improving the database with new indicators and increasing geographic resolution.
The MetaExplorer platform will be presented this Friday, October 22, at 10 am, at IN+ facilities, in an event open to everyone.

Click here to view MetaExplorer >>>