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LARSyS was evaluated as EXCELLENT 25/06/2019

LARSyS was graded as EXCELLENT by the latest FCT evaluation panel, maintaining the same grade as the previous evaluation. According to the evaluation report, "LARSyS is a strong R&D Unit with excellent international visibility, strong publication venues and participation in professional society activities".

LARSYS brings together four R&D units: Centre for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research (IN+), Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR), Marine, Environment & Technology Centre (MARETEC) and Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI).

FCT organises regular reviews of national R&D institutions. The reviews are based on periodic assessments by an international panel of experts, based on the R&D institutions' activity reports and proposed strategic plans as well as on direct contacts with researchers and institutions, through site visits and/or interviews by the reviewers.

All R&D institutions are awarded a qualitative grade, which determines the level of funding to be awarded, until the next review takes place, or until a mid-term assessment is made.

The results show that 64% of the evaluated R&D Units had a proposed rating of Excellent or Very Good by the evaluation panels: Excellent 31%, Very Good 33%, Good 24%, Weak 11% and Insufficient 1%. The integrated researchers are distributed by the R&D Units as follows: 43% in the units classified as Excellent, 35% Very Good, 17% Good, 5% Weak and 0.2% Insufficient.