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IN+ Get Together 2019 23/09/2019

On September 20th, took place the IN+ Get Together, an IN+ community-focused event to foster greater peer relationships and promote knowledge sharing, gathering over 60 colleagues and co-workers.

The morning was filled with presentations from António Luís Moreira, President of IN+, and José Santos-Victor, Director of LARSyS, as well as a pitching session presented by students and researchers about their current researches. The pitch presentations are available below.

In the afternoon, Prof. João Ventura showed a preview of his next book on science communication Discussions around a candle, and Professors Joana Mendonça and Carlos Silva coordinated a "world cafe" -  a structured group conversational process for knowledge sharing - focused on some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In the end, as in all that is good, the day passed in a flash.

Check out the presentations made in the pitch session:

Fernanda Margarido: Materials and Circular Economy
Francisco Capucha: Flow and Stock Analysis of Neodymium Within ELVs
Solène Chabanet: Recycling of battery from Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Rui Costa Neto: Energy Storage Systems
Diana Neves: P2P energy trading as cooperative microgrids enabler
Olga Savchuk: Building cooling load prediction using machine learning
Naim Majdalani: Community energy flexibility
Ian Scott: Modelling Renewable Energy Policy Under Uncertainty
Filipe Quintino: Challenges and innovation opportunities in the biogas industry
Bruno Gouveia: Mathematical modelling of a biodigestor
Nuno Rocha: Chemiluminescence of hydrogen enriched biogas mixtures
Francisco Vaz: Effect of hydrogen in inverse diffusion flames
Tomás Costa: Auto-ignition on Hidrogen Leaks
Carlos Miguel Afonso Diogo: Advanced Hydrogen Power Systems and Technologies for Mobility Applications
Inês Ferrão: High Energy Density Fuels in Aviation Gas Turbines: Experiments and Modelling
MohammadReza Modarres: The FireEnd Project
Maria Raimundo: Value of Wellness Genetics
Alzbeta Bohinikova: Computational modelling of elastic cells with nucleous
Luísa Marques: Synthesis of carbon nanotubes
Alexandre Gamboa: Eletric Field Controlled Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes
Sandra Dias: Thermoelectric devices
Miguel Santos: Impact of H2 in power yielded by thermoelectric generators
Pedro Pontes: Design of a microchannel heat sink for high concentrated photovoltaics
Ricardo Cautela: Study of boiling mechanisms on biphilic surfaces
José Eduardo Pereira: Selection and characterization of innovative solutions for biphilic surfaces
Pedro Santos & Eduardo Freitas: Electrowetting Heat Pipe development
Miguel Figueiredo: Characterization of nanofluids spray cooling
Gonçalo Cruz: Heat transfer enhancement using corrugated tubes
José Bento: Optimization of fluids for cooling applications
Miguel Fechado: Optimização do escoamento de um exaustor / Optimization of the exhaust flow
Mafalda Medeiros: Mathematical and experimental modelling of flows through ejector-pump systems
José Rodrigues: Reacting surfaces for combustion systems
Miguel Torres Preto: A new master course in IST


Take a look at some of the key moments: