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For an Intensive Materials Consumption Management System to help the industry, the economy and the environment 12/10/2021

There is currently a lot of attention on greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the serious environmental problems associated with them, but are we starting from the end? Are we "looking at the chimney" instead of focusing on the processes that converted the raw materials and gave rise to those emissions? Taking into account the life cycle of products, including the extraction of raw materials from nature, their transport and their transformation into the products and services we use on a daily basis, should be more prominent in the political agendas oriented towards sustainability. Thus, looking at the beginning and not the end would be to look at the natural resources (materials) that companies consume, seeking to increase the "productivity of resources".
Paulo Ferrão and Sónia Cunha wrote an opinion article for Jornal i supporting the need to create a Management System for Intensive Material Consumption to help the industry, the economy and the environment.


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