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Best presentation award nomination 06/03/2020

Pedro Pontes, Ricardo Cautela, Ana Moita and António Moreira (IN+), together with Emanuele Teodori (SML) and Yucheng Liu (Key Laboratory for Bionic Engineering), were nominated for the 2019 Hartnett-Irvine Award of ICHMT, with the paper "Effect of pattern geometry on bubble dynamics and heat transfer on biphilic surfaces", presented in July 2019 at the 14th International Conference on Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics (HEFAT2019), in Wicklow, Ireland.

The work was selected by the chairs of the relevant session as the best paper presented. An extended paper was selected for a special issue of Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science (Elsevier, Impact Factor of 3.5) and is available at this link.

The Honours and Awards Committee will judge all the nominations and seek the “best”, taking into consideration both the originality of the work and the quality of the writing. Then, a recommendation will be sent to the ICHMT Executive Committee for endorsement.

The Hartnett-Irvine Award is given to the best paper presentation at a meeting organized or co-sponsored by ICHMT in a calendar year to honour the lives and memories of the two founding fathers of ICHMT, James P. Hartnett and Tom Irvine, leaders in the fields of energy resources and heat and mass transfer research.