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2nd Edition: 1999
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Fostering the Digital Economy: Perspectives for Internet Clustering 17 Hongyun Meng/ IST research student Manuel V. Heitor – IST, DEM Pedro Conceição – IST, DF  April 2001    Thesis
The main contribution of the thesis is a review and interpretation of several perspectives of the formation of internet clusters, based on which an analytical framework is proposed.
Following a review of the previous research on economic clustering, a framework of two levels of clustering effects is put forward as the analytical framework of the thesis: sharing of resources and infrastructures and social capital. Based on this framework, five brief case studies of internet clusters in the US and Europe are discussed, analyzing the factors that contribute to the formation of internet clusters.
Finally, a brief analysis of internet clustering in Portugal is made by examining the development status of the internet industry in Portugal and analyzing three internet companies in Portugal and the software sector in Minho, Portugal.
Cluster, clustering effects, network, internet, social capital, Portugal