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FIRST workshop at the Energy Day 15/11/2018

The FIRST project has its first workshop during the ENERGY DAY conference, on November 15th 2018, organized by LNEG. The objective of this workshop is to discuss with academia, governmental agencies and industry the advantages of mapping urban energy systems and its features, in particular load flexibility.

FIRST is a project that aims to explore Energy Flexibility (EF) in residential and office buildings, assess its potential based on Load Matching calculated at different time-scales, to obtain important insights regarding technical solutions, occupant behaviour, and building control strategies that can contribute significantly to the increase of the EF of NZEBs, on a cost efficient-basis. Supported by FCT, it brings together institutions like, CTS/UNINOVA, IN+/IST-ID and LNEG.

The ENERGY DAY is also hosting the 3rd NZEB Conference, this year focused on Zero Energy Districts and Communities and a Solar Heating and Cooling Workshop.

The entrance is free, but registration is required: registration form

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