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Host conditions: doctoral studies in EPP at IST

EPP builds on long-standing international collaborations developed through the Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research, IN+, of Instituto Superior Técnico, over the last decades in technology and policy analysis, which were significantly enlarged and deepen through the networks developed over the last years in close international collaboration, such as the Carnegie Mellon Portugal and he MIT-Portugal joint ventures. In addition it gains from the Academic network established under the International Risk Governance Council and from new collaborative frameworks developed with leading Chinese and Brazilian research and academic institutions. In summary EPP at IST offers unique host conditions, as follows:
  • A double-degree with Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Collaboration with the existing Doctoral Program on “Engineering and Public Policy, EPP” at Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FEUP-Porto);
  • The possibility for research residences (between 6 and 18 months) in leading research and academic institutions and programs combining S&T expertise with public policies objectives are considered, including MIT, Harvard Kennedy School, EPFL, Tshingua, Hong Kong University, UNICAMP, USP, UFF and UFRJ.
  • The academic network established through the International Risk Governance Council, IRGC, and promoted in Portugal through IRGC-Portugal.

It is clear that high quality physical infrastructures offered by IST guarantees the fundamental conditions to host and support a program of this kind. They include laboratory and office space for students and visitors, as well as computer network facilities and computing power needed to handle the demanding data analysis and simulation tasks that may be required. Support for documentation search is also offered by the participating institutions, together with state of the art video-conference facilities. All this equipment has been extensively tested and used in the last couple of years in the context of classes that have been broadcasted and shared between Lisbon, Porto and Pittsburgh, as part of the on-going cooperation with CMU in the area of EPP.

These facilities however represent only part of the more important and more ambitious set of host conditions that are offered by EPP at IST. In fact, IST-Lisbon together with major Associate Laboratories (LARSyS, INESC ID, among others), and a group of world leading research and academic institutions in the USA, Asia and Brazil, bring to the program a truly international research framework, provided through a long-standing network with international reputation on science, technology and public policy, associated, among others with the academic network established through the International Risk Governance Council, IRGC, and promoted in Portugal through IRGC-Portugal.

This international research framework enables an enriched environment for collaborative policy analysis and policy formulation, based on previously defined research question with an international dimension.

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