Collaborations across IST

The doctoral degree in "Engineering and Public Policy, EPP" at IST, Lisbon has been implemented in the last few years with significant complementarity and synergies through existing research groups at IST in areas of telecom policy analysis, energy systems analysis, network management, decision sciences, and industrial policy.

The existence of a number of large Research centers and Associate Laboratories at IST brings a broad and deep context for technology policy analysis. It brings together a series of competences at national level, as follows:
  • LARSyS, through the Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research, IN+:
    • Science, technology and policy analysis
    • Higher education policy research and human resources development
    • Industrial policy
    • Energy systems and policy
    • Risk governance

    • Power systems planning and operation
    • Power systems economics and regulation
    • Transmission and distribution network analysis and optimization
    • ICT technologies for renewables integration

All these institutions develop significant activity in different science, technology and policy related aspects. They are active in national and international research projects that constitute real application examples and valuable training opportunities. For example, the activities of INESC-ID have a clear focus on energy and associated policy and regulatory issues, while researchers of LARSyS offer a broader view and widely recognized competence in policy analysis and policy research.

In addition, collaboration with other PhD programs at IST is encouraged, including the "Sustainable Energy Systems, SES" and the "Leaders for Technical Industries, LTI", as established under the MIT-Portugal Program.