International Review Board (Invited, 2013)

The International Review Board was recently extended and revisited and it is foreseen to include well-recognized individuals in many partner institutions, with extended experience in policy research. Below is the list of preliminary contacts already established:
  • Granger Morgan, Lord Chair Professor in Engineering; Professor and Department Head, Engineering and Public Policy; Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Richard de Neufville, Professor, Engineering Systems Division (ESD), Director of the Leading Technology and Policy Program
  • Xue Lan, Professor and Dean, School of Public Policy and Management (SPPM)
  • Roberto Sbragia, Full Professor, Management Department, FEA/USP
  • Ana Célia Castro, Professor and Director, Graduate Program in Public Policies, Strategies and Development (PPED/IE/UFRJ) and National Institute for Science and Technology in Public Policies, Strategies and Development (INCT-PPED), Institute of Economics (IE-UFRJ)
  • Jean-Pierre Contzen (Chair)
    Chairman, Von Karman Institute for Fluid Mechanics; Belgian Academy of Sciences, Belgium
  • Cesar Dopazo
    University of Zaragoza, Spain, http://www.unizar.es/dopazo/
  • Jussi Välimaa
    Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä, FINLAND
  • Gary Rhoades
    University of Arizona, USA