Engineering Design Roundtables

Promoted by the “Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing Initiative”, EDAM,
MIT-Portugal Program

22 September 2015: Exploring users’ needs through a multidisciplinary approach: Human-Machine Interfaces in product design and development.

Venue: School of Engineering, UMinho
Local organizers: Pedro Arezes, UMinho


10:00 Introduction, Pedro Arezes (UMinho)

10:15 Keynote lecture #1
"The state of the art in ergonomics for Mobile Computing Technology", by Jack Dennerlein, Harvard Univ/Northeastern Univ
Discussant: Paulo Flores (UMinho), Martin Lavallière (MIT)

10:45 Coffee break

11:15 Presentation of PhD projects
- Wearable Technology Impact: study through the development of a sofy-orthotic device, Carlos Gonçalves (UMinho)
- Development of an optrode for optogenetics applications, Sandra Gonçalves (UMinho)
- An engineeting methodology to address kinesthetic and acoustic percept requirements in automotive product design, Nuno Valverde (IST) - Designing product-service system in the light of the service-logic, Nina Costa (FEUP)
Discussant: Alexandre Silva (UMinho), Elsa Henriques (IST)

12:15 Keynote lecture #2
"Project HMI Excel - Bosch/UMinho", by João Monteiro e Sandra Mouta, University of Minho
Discussant: Pedro Arezes (UMinho)

12:45 Lunch

14:30 Presentation of PhD projects:
- Production-Oriented and Robust Virtual Design and Experimental Validation of the Next Generation Automotive HUD and Augmented Reality Systems, João Faria (UMinho)
- The use of advanced technologies on lifecycle assessment of infrastructures, Bruno Gonçalves (UMinho)
- A Transdisciplinary Commitment for the Fuzzy Front-End: A Cross-Functional to Innovation, João Figueiredo (FEUP)
- Product, tooling and process design in injection moulding, Paulo Francisco (IST)
Discussant: Julio Viana (UMinho), Francisco Pires (FEUP)

15:30 Keynote lecture #3
Discussion of future challenges - "Age & Technology: at the intersection of human machine interface in vehicle", by Martin Lavallière, MIT AgeLab
Discussant: Alexandre Silva (UMinho), Marino Menozzi (ETH Zurich)

16:00 Keynote lecture #4
Discussion of future challenges - "Quantification of mental load in HMI", by Marino Menozzi, ETH - Zurich
Discussant: Júlio Viana (UMinho), Jack Dennerlein (Harvard/Northeastern Univ)