Engineering Design Roundtables

Promoted by the “Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing Initiative”, EDAM,
MIT-Portugal Program

17 March 2015 : New frontiers in technology development towards new product development: from additive manufacturing to managing big data

Venue: IST Lisboa (Mechanical Engineering; EDAM meeting Room)
Local organizers: Manuel Heitor, IN+/IST Lisbon

10:00 am: Introduction, Manuel Heitor

10:15 am: Key note lectures:
Georg Rosenfeld, Fraunhofer Society, D Download Presentation
Ricardo Mendes, Tekever, PT;
Discussant: Arlindo Silva (LAETA/IST); Luís Faria, IST

11:15am: Coffee break

11:30am: Presentation of PhD projects
  • Ana Laura R. Santos (TU Delft, 2011-), "Medical technology in complex environments: from products to ecosystems development" Download Presentation
  • Ricardo Sá (UMInho, 2012-), “Industrial Machine Structural Components’ Optimization and Redesign”. Download Presentation
  • Nuno Valverde (IST, 2011-), “Designing auto-radio interfaces: An Engineering Methodology to Address Kinesthetic and Acoustic Percept Requirements in Automotive Product Design”. Download Presentation
  • Miguel Neto (IST, 2015-), “On the development of Flexible Magnetic Non-Volatile Memories”. Download Presentation
Georg Rosenfeld, Fraunhofer Society, D
Elsa Henriques, (LAETA/IST)

12: 30pm: Key note lectures:
Nelson Oliveira Download Presentation and Eduardo Beira (“inLASER: advanced moulding technologies for vehicle optics”), UMInho
(; ; )
Arlindo Silva, IST Lisboa Download Presentation
Discussant: Joana Mendonça (IN+/IST); João Sousa (LAETA/IN+)

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm: Presentation of PhD projects:
  • João Antunes (UMInho, 2012-), Supply Chain Management and Quality Management Integration: case study in the automotive industry.
  • Paulo Francisco (IST, 2015-), “Emerging forms of product tooling and process design in injection molding” Download Presentation
  • João Miguel Pires (IST, 2015-), “Towards a new generation of micro co-generation”. Download Presentation
  • José Rodrigues (IST, 2015-), “Towards a new generation of water heaters”. Download Presentation
Relógio Ribeiro (LAETA/IST);
Luis Reis (LAETA/IST)
Georg Rosenfeld, Fraunhofer Society, D

3:00pm: Key note lectures: From rapid prototyping to additive manufacturing: history, trends and current research
Marco Leite, IST Lisboa Download Presentation
António Araújo, Univ. Porto
Discussant: Georg Rosenfeld, Fraunhofer Society, D

4:00pm Discussion of future challenges
  • “Looking at a new generation of human-machines interfaces”
Pedro Arezes, Centro ALGORITMI, Univ Minho Download Presentation
Georg Rosenfeld, Fraunhofer Society, D

5:00pm Closure