Engineering Design Roundtables

Promoted by the “Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing Initiative”, EDAM,
MIT-Portugal Program


The Engineering Design Roundtables aim to exchange ideas on critical issues to foster crosscutting and trans-disciplinary competences in “engineering systems” towards new product development, exploring solutions for complex industrial problems through project-oriented and project-based activities. In order to achieve these objectives, the Roundtables bring together doctoral students, researchers and experts from industry and government to discuss new frontiers in product development, new technical developments and project-based activities.

These events offer a space for interdisciplinary conversations about contemporary issues in engineering, including the emerging context of uncertainty in industrial development at a global level. Emphasis is given to the development of skills and related opportunities for new entrepreneurial activities and other challenges faced by modern engineering. We want to engage not only those who are working in engineering, but also those in the arts, natural sciences, architecture and business who have serious interest in exploring these areas together with engineers.