General Information
Student Outcomes

Recommended student outcomes (“Qualification” for doctoral degree):

  • Preferably before month 6 (the latest, at month 12): identify research theme, supervisor(s) and a Thesis Doctoral Committee (DC).

  • Before month 24: a public seminar will be held by the student until 24 months after registering in the program. By the time of the public seminar the student should submit (to the DC): i) two research papers, in a publishable format; and ii) a dissertation proposal, with approximately 20 to 30 pages, including the review of relevant bibliography, the description of the research hypothesis and specific objectives, as well as the research proposal and any related project.

  • Before month 48: During the last DC meeting before submitting the final dissertation and requiring the appointment of the board of examiners, the student should submit (to the DC): i) at least two additional research papers, in a publishable format; and ii) a preliminary dissertation proposal, containing approximately 50 pages, including research papers

Recommendation to students

Doctoral thesis should consist of about four published research papers in peer-reviewed journals. It is strongly recommend that the four papers are effectively published by the time of the thesis submission. This set of papers should explore solutions for complex industrial problems through problem-oriented and project-based activities.

It is also recommended that the final thesis explicitly includes the research papers and a brief introductory and integrative chapter.