Orientation and institutional cooperation

This program stands out from doctoral programs offered in traditional areas of engineering through the development of crosscutting and trans-disciplinary competences in “engineering systems”. This should be achieved through a strong inter-institutional cooperation and industry relationships, to be based upon the individual student research plans. This includes:
  • Students should perform research residences across the institutions involved in Portugal (IST, FEUP, UM) and at MIT. It is expected that, at least, all students awarded with FCT grants develop their research at least in two Portuguese institutions and at MIT.

  • Student supervisory teams should emphasize inter-institutional arrangements, preferably identified under the cooperation among IST, FEUP and UMinho, as per the program approved by the Foundation for Science and Technology, FCT under the MIT-Portugal Program. Within this framework, the DC must consider enhanced cooperation at national level, namely through student research residences at IST, UM and FEUP, among other potential partner institutions.

  • The DC must also ensure that enhanced cooperation with MIT is promoted, mostly in order to make sure that all student experience research periods at MIT. The joint co-supervision of students by MIT faculty members should be promoted, if adequate.