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17 de Abril - 17h00
Venue: ISCTE-IUL, Edifício 2, sala C- 103

Man/Machine interactions: can technology help us .... learn about ourselves?

Ana Viseu (CIES-IUL)
Alfedo Pereira (U. do Minho)

4 Dezembro - 16.00-18.00
Local: IST, sala FA2 (Pavilhão de Informática)

"Ébola: Epidemia ou Pandemia?"

Francisco George (Diretor-Geral da Saúde)

"Políticas das/nas epidemias: o que aprendemos com o Ébola?"

Tiago Correia (ISCTE)

17th September - 16.00-18.00
Venue: ISCTE-UL, room C104 (Building II)

The Social Dimension of Technological Change: A Historical Perspective of the Panama Canal

José Antonio López Cerezo (Universidad de Oviedo)

7th July - 11:00-13:00
Venue: ISCTE-IUL, Room C201(building 2)

Can we regulate risk living in risk?

Maria Eduarda Gonçalves (Dinâmia-CET-IUL)
Regulating risk in the era of social networks

João Filipe Raposo (APDP)
Viver em risco ou o resultado inesperado da evolução social

18th June - 17:00-19:00
Venue: IST, MOM (1, Pavilhão de Mecânica II, Alameda (To find the venue see here)

Gary Rhoades (University of Arizona)

"Academic capitalism and STEM secondary academic labor markets: (Re)-organizing the social geography of academic careers"
31st March - 14:00-16:00
Venue: IST, Meeting room of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, at Pavilhão de Mecânica III room 3.3.

Teresa Marat-Mendes (ISCTE-IUL) e Samuel Niza (IN+/IST)

"Can we make our cities sustainable?"
6th February - 17:00-19:00
Venue: ISCTE--IUL no Auditório 0NE02

Tiago Santos Pereira (CES)
Carnation Atoms: Sociotechnical Imaginaries and the Nuclear Project in Portugal

Tito Mendonça (IST)
Nuclear is dangerous. What about nuclear fusion?

23rd January - 17:h00-19h00
Venue: Sala FA2, Informatics Pavillion

Context, personality and social entrepreneurship

Brigitte Hoogendoorn

Peter van der Zwan

18th November - 17h30-19h
Venue: Sala 1.44, Edifício Mecânica II, IST

Política científica e ciência no Século XX: Trajectórias de desenvolvimento no Brasil e em Portugal

Carolina Bagattolli (DPCT/UNICAMP, PPPP/UFPR)

Tiago Brandão (IHC, FCSH-UNL)

3rd of July - 2:00pm - 4:30pm
Venue: Room 1.44, Pavilhão de mecânica II

"Finnish and Portuguese science, technology and higher education systems: similar characteristics, different paths?"

Jussi Välimaa (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)

Hugo Horta (Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research IN+/IST)

26th June - 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Venue: ISCTE-IUL, Clube ISCTE, building A.A.

"Bridging together science, publics and institutions for the communication of science: models and problems"

Cristina Palma Conceição (CIES-IUL)

António Gomes da Costa (Coordinator of the PLACES Project, Ecsite)

6th of May - 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Venue: Centro de Congressos, IST (Pav. De Eng. Civil)

José Mariano Gago (IST and LIP)

Emerging questions in science policy: Europe and elsewhere

Fred Gault (UNU-Merit, Univ. Maastricht; OECD)
Giorgio Sirilli (ISSIRFA/CNR Italy; OECD/NESTI)

5th of April - 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Venue: Edifício de Civil, Centro de congressos do IST sala 0.1.1 Piso -1

Zachary Mainen (Director of the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown - Champalimaud Foundation)
José Castro Caldas (Researcher of Centro Estudos Sociais de Lisboa, Universidade de Coimbra)

The role of values in decision making processes: perspectives from neurosciences, machine learning and economics

Opening: Manuel Heitor (IN+ Diretor, IST)
Moderation: Muriel Pádua (researcher IN+, IST); Pedro Lima (Associate Professor, ISR, IST)

18th of February
1:30pm – 2:30pm
Venue: ISCTE-IUL, room B201, building II

Miguel Preto (IN+/IST)
Entrepreneurial skills and workers' wages in small firms

Sandro Mendonça (BRU-IUL)
Trademarks and Telecoms: an high-tech sector through the lens of a new indicator of innovation and industrial change

Moderation: Joana Mendonça (IN+/IST)

3 Dezembro 2012, 18h-19h, Fred Gault (Merit, UN; OECD) & Giorgio Sirilli (ISSIRFA/CNR Italy; OECD/NESTI)

"Is innovation policy better than science policy?...and how far emerging assessment and evaluating procedures are facilitating policy?"

Moderation: Manuel Heitor (IN+/IST)
Local: IN+/IST-UTL

17 Dezembro 2012, 13h30-14h30, Joana Mendonça (IN+/IST) e Luísa Veloso (CIES-IUL)

"Competences for Industrialization and R&D Networks in Industrial Projects"

Moderadora: Teresa Patrício (CIES-IUL)

7 Janeiro 2013, 13h30-14h30, Miguel Amaral (IN+/IST) e Ana Viseu (CIES-IUL)

"Wage Differentials and Human Capital among Engineering and Business Graduate in Portugal and the integration of social scientists in nanotechnology facilities"

Moderador: Hugo Horta (IN+/IST)
Local: IN+/IST-UTL

21 Janeiro 2013, 13h30-14h30, Muriel Pádua (IN+/IST) e Susana Nascimento (CIES-IUL)

"On the tentative Governance of an HIV Vaccine and Collaborative Platforms and Social Methods in Technology Development"

Moderador: António Firmino da Costa (CIES-IUL)

4th of February
1:30pm – 2:30pm
Venue: IN+/IST, meeting room

Natália Dias (IN+/IST)
Learning for uncertainty – communicating risks to vulnerable communities

Ana Delicado (ICS-UL)
External relations of scientific associations: networks and collaborations

Moderation: Susana Nascimento (CIES-IUL)

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