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Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research, IN+, Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon

The Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research, IN+, Instituto Superior Técnico, in Lisbon, http://in3.dem.ist.utl.pt, was created in 1998, integrating three laboratories (Thermal Fluids Combustion and Energy Systems; Environmental Systems; Management of Technological and Policy). In 2005, the Center was regarded as one of the "Top 50 global centers of research on Management of Technology" by the International Association for the Management of Technology, IAMOT. The Center was also one of the co-founders of the "University Technology Enterprise Network", UTEN Portugal in 2007.

During the past ten years of multidisciplinary development, the Center foregrounded thematic ideas for postgraduate education in Portugal, resulting in Master programs on "Engineering and Management of Technology" and "Engineering Design "Engineering Design", at IST. It has also, in an unprecedented way, instigated several actions of training and support for the economic enhancement of science and technology, including the launch of technology-based companies in Portugal.

Since 2007 and after implementation of the Bologna process in Portugal, the Centre has given particular attention to promoting joint activities of researchers and graduates, due to the fact that it supports, and is actively engaged in the development of Master and Doctoral programs at the Technical University of Lisbon, in the following areas: The Center has also been responsible for the development and organization of two main series of international conferences over the past years, including:
  • The series of International Conferences on "Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics", in Lisbon since 1986, http://ltces.dem.ist.utl.pt/lxlaser/, which resulted in several book publications by Springer Verlag. In 2012, the 16th consecutive Symposium, http://ltces.dem.ist.utl.pt/lxlaser/lxlaser2012/, which has traditionally attracter more than 300 participants every two years, will be held;

  • The series of International Conferences on "Technology Policy and Innovation", http://in3.dem.ist.utl.pt/confpolicy/,which have been held annually since 1989 in Macau, Lisbon, Austin, Curitiba, Delft, Kansai, Monterey, Lodz, Stavanger, New Delhi, Porto and Bogota. IN+ has been responsible for coordinating its Organizing Committee between 1997 and 2005. The series of conferences gave several edited book series on "Science and Technology Policy", published by the North American Greenwood Praeger and edited by Purdue University Press.
It should also be noted that in 2000, and in the context of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union, the IN+ coordinated the international conference "Towards a learning society: Innovation and competence building with Social Cohesion for Europe," which gathered several European researchers in the areas of innovation, education and skill development, and social cohesion in Lisbon. In 2002, the IN+ also helped to create the international network "Globelics - the global network for the economics of learning, innovation, and competence building systems", as well as the "Globelics Academy - PhD School on Systems of Innovation and Economic Development" . In 2004, the IN+ was one of the organizing institutions of the international conference titled "Early Stage Researchers Mobility", which gathered about 200 participants from 41 countries in Lisbon to discuss issues related to mobility of researchers and knowledge transfer. The relevant discussion outcomes and conclusions were published by UNESCO's support.

In 2003, the IN+ was also responsible for the execution of the exhibition "Skill and Work - Engineering in Portugal in the 20th Century", which was awarded with the Dibner Award 2004 (the best exhibition in the world by the Society for the History of Technology , SHOT), resulting in a 2004 edition of the book "Moments of Innovation and Engineering in Portugal in the twentieth century" (Don Quixote).

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