The projects considered at the launching of the IST Design Studio are grouped in the following topics:
  • Autoparts for the future
  • Train applications
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Design for citizenship
  • Collaborative design

    Areas of future development under planning include:
  • Aero components and systems
  • Miniaturized equipments and systems
  • Human - body interfacing and interaction
  • MIMICS – configurable and adaptive surfaces
  • Autoparts components

    Automobile front-end structure / 2005
    Nuno Ferreira; António Gonçalves
    Virtual Development Of An Innovative Front-End Modular Frame Structure
    Front side door (Peugeot 406) / 2004
    Carla Pepe; Rui Pimentel
    The purpose is to promote awareness of automotive system engineering concepts and to develop component systems of a vehicle using virtual advanced tools.
    Hood development (Peugeot 406) / 2004
    Luís Simões; Miguel Casimiro
    Regarding the market comparison and incorporating we defined our intervention areas to be the following: Safety; Functionality / Manufacturing; Quality perception; Environment
    Seat Module / 2004
    Hugo Madureira
    A low-cost multifunctional backrest, with integrated seatbelt support, to be part of a seat module for the automotive industry.
    Tailgate Development (Lancia Kappa SW) / 2004
    Rui Teixeira; Marta Carvalho
    Design an innovative tailgate with new shapes and materials for weight reduction and stiffness increase.

    Collaborative Design

    Glass Chair / 2000
    Tito Silva
    The design and construction of a glass chair, as a complex product that requires particular safety precautions, careful handling and specific production expertise. In addition, it involves the creation of free forms, promoting creativity and development

    Human-body Interfacing and Interaction

    ROBOTCUB / 2005
    Ricardo Beira
    To develop an anthropomorphic head for an humanoid robot

    Smart products

    3 in 1 Travelling Case / 2005
    Henrique Almeida
    A case that will adapt to the needs of the user
    ACADS – Air conditioning active distribution system / 2005
    José Gaspar
    An active system for localized distribution of air-conditioning where needed in large rooms
    Bios / 2005
    Tiago Romão
    To create a portable and modular system for health care monitoring
    i-MERC / 2005
    Tomé Canas; Fernando Carreira
    Design an indoor Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) that delivery small objects inside an office, warehouse or factory.
    Soapbox Car / 2005
    João Sabino; Tiago Girão
    Design of a High Performance Gravity Car exploring new conceptual and technical ideas


    New Separative Waste Collection Equipment / 2004
    Eduardo Santos
    To design (conceive and develop) an innovative separative waste collection equipment for hotels, restaurants and cafes.

    Sustainable construction

    ICCEES – Integrated climate control eco-efficient system / 2005
    Pedro Santos
    To develop and implement a facade system; new approach on climate-control and modular building

    Sustainable mobility

    Electric bicycle / 2005
    Luís Silva
    EnergyPOD / 2005
    Luís Vargas
    Multi-Fuel Dispensing Unit
    Electric Bike / 2004
    Gonçalo Crespo; Leonardo Rosado
    Multifunctional city Bicycle, with electric support, safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly, reliable and modulated.
    MeMobile - Telematics Information onboard: Life available / 2004
    João Castro
    With this project we will study the telematics applications in the automobile industry that improve the driving experience and suggest some possible products and solutions in this area.

    Train applications and components

    SMAP - Standard Multi-Application Panel / 2004
    Ana Espada; Pedro Pinto
    A standard structural panel that is assembled within the car body, providing all the external and internal finishing as required.