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     Evaluation Report by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation, FCT

Evaluation Panel: Bora Mikic, Aleksandar Ostrogorsky, Glenn Sinclair, Cristina H. Amon (Coordinator)
Classification: Excellent
Eligible Ph.D. (1999): 7,25
Base Funding in 1999 (thousands PTE): 5945
Panel Report (Report 1998): This is a world class, young dynamic research group, and professionally well balanced. The overall rating of the unit is Excellent.
The research activities of this unit include: turbulent mixing, premixed combustion, flame control, low-NOx strategies, liquid atomization, management and assessment of energy, environmental resources, and science and technology policy. Applications include: gas-turbine engines, industrial glass furnaces, green engineering (life cycle assessment) in the automotive sector as illustrated by vans.
The range of the research spans from the rigorous engineering science at one end to engineering practice at the other. An important mission the group has identified is to place their activities in the context of environmental issues, energy resources, life cycle and economic impact.
The group’s publication record is superb. A feature is the participation in and organization of international conferences, in addition to publishing in recognized international journals.
The group is well organized and coherent. Their energy level, in particular of leadership is exceptional. This was reflected in the effort they put into the presentation, which was complete and convincing. It is also evident in their research productivity and international cooperation with outstanding research groups abroad.
It was a pleasure to participate in the review of this unit.
We suggest one postdoc in the area of numerical computation to complement their strong experimental effort.