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     IST Design Studio

IN+ has been involved since 2002 in promoting engineering design, at a research and teaching level, in close cooperation with other centres at IST and in Portugal. These activities have been launched and developed through the installation of the “IST Design Studio”, which aims at renewing and strengthening research and education in engineering design in a way to improve manufacturing competitiveness and innovation.

The studio was initially centred on activities developed through the IST´s M.Sc. on “Engineering Design”,, in close collaboration with industry, bringing together staff, researchers and students from the IST´s Department of Mechanical Engineering, as well as from the Department of Engineering and Management Science, the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture and the Department of Informatics. Its ultimate goal is to help extending the enterprise value chain in emerging and traditional sectors by incorporating the necessary design skills for new product development practices. To achieve this goal, the studio’s strategy is to introduce and promote product development strategies in Portugal by establishing a sustainable research and education programme to develop and transfer knowledge of engineering design, which will enable companies to continually: i) integrate design competencies; ii) improve product quality, and iii) significantly reduce leadtime in product development, while iv) increasing performance/cost ratio.