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     Annual Meeting and External Review 2013



The activities of the Centre are multidisciplinary, linking basic and applied research to technology development, and focused on the issues of sustainability and policy research, namely in terms of the needs to secure the development and quality of our societies, together with the management of energy/material resources and scientific and economic development. To achieve these objectives, the activities of the Centre are directed towards leading-edge developments and to promote the learning ability of graduate engineering students with the following specific goals:

  • To promote the exchange of knowledge in the management of technology and innovation, as a way to promote competitive advantages at the corporate level, including advanced technologies for the optimization of industrial processes;
  • To derive science and technology policies and innovation strategies, namely in terms of modern opportunities of knowledge for development, together with environmental protection, rational use of energy, waste management and economic growth.
  • To develop and use advanced techniques for the analysis, monitoring and control of processes at laboratory and industrial scale, the later including technology and risk assessment, together with advanced and strategic technologies with emphasis on turbulent mixing and combustion processes, which have the potential to optimize the environment and the rational use of energy in industry;

In this context, besides the development of basic research in energy, materials recycling, thermofluids and environmental-related processes, the Centre thus undertakes interdisciplinary research involving technology and policy, promoting ways in which industrial development can proceed in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

An overall assessment of the center will be conducted on July 1, 2013, by the External Review Board, which includes:

Program: Monday, July 1: IN+/IST

9:30 Initial meeting: IN+15, 1998-2013 (IN+ Meeting Room)
  • Manuel Heitor, Paulo Ferrão and Hugo Horta
  • Topics: introduction, organization of IN+ and schedule
10:00 Specialized meeting 1 (IN+ Meeting Room)
  • Paulo Ferrão, Carlos Silva, Samuel Niza, André Pina, Nuno Clímaco (others tbd)
  • Topics: Urban Metabolism and Sustainable Cities (UMSC); Energy and waste planning; Industrial ecology; Smart metering.
11:00 Specialized meeting 2 (Thermofluids and Combustion Laboratory)
  • Edgar Fernandes, Miguel Panão, Jose Mendes Lopes (others tbd)
  • Topics: Flame diagnostics, propagation and control; Flame acoustics; Two-phase flows and heat transfer; surface microstructuring; fuids and flows for smart structures.
11:45 Specialized meeting 3 (IN+ Meeting Room)
  • Manuel Heitor, Hugo Horta and Muriel Padua (others tbd)
  • Topics: Science, higher education and policy (SHEP); systems and policy formulation; Risk Governance; Managing uncertainty: Behaviors, attitudes and difficult choices.

12:30 working lunch

13:30 Specialized meeting 4 (IN+ Meeting Room)
  • Miguel Amaral, Miguel Preto, Joana Mendonça and Daniela Couto (others tbd)
  • Topics: Industrialization and industrial production; technical change and entrepreneurship.
14:15 Specialized meeting 5 (Mech. Eng. Pav I, level 1)
  • Tiago Domingos, J. Delgado Domingos, Gabriel Pita, Tânia Sousa, João Rodrigues, Gonçalo Marques, Helena Martins, Vânia Proença, Abel Rodrigues (others tbd)
  • Topics: carbon modeling and measurement in soils and forests; atmospheric modelling; ecological metabolism; biodiversity and ecosystem services; energy accounting methods; energy and economic modelling; life cycle assessment, input-output analysis
15:30 Specialized meeting 6 (Waste Management Laboratory)
  • Fernanda Margarido (others tbd)
  • Topics: waste characterization and management; recovery of metals from end-of-life products (Including batteries).
16:30 Final meeting (IN+ Meeting Room)
  • Manuel Heitor, Paulo Ferrão and Hugo Horta
  • Topics: overview

17:00 Final meeting and discussion with all IN+ researchers (Room 1.44, Mech Eng, Pav. IV)
Open meeting of the “IN+ Scientific Council” with External Review Committee

18:00 Closure

18:00 Final brief meeting with President of IST and Vice President for Scientific Affairs