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     C&T culture and dissemination projects

The Center has been involved in fostering C&T culture through a series of major initiatives for children, youngsters and the population at large. During 2003, a major national exhibition was organized together with a competition for basic and secondary education, as described in the following paragraphs.
  • “Engineering in Portugal in the 20th century”
    Coordinator: Prof. Manuel Heitor

    … a wide-scope work programme, which was developed with the purpose of allowing the identification and analysis of the most important aspects of engineering in Portugal in the 20th century. Based on a multi-disciplinary research project involving a large group of engineers, historians, economists and technologists, the work was designed with the goal of disseminating knowledge but, above all, of fostering a scientific-based technological culture, of spreading a historical message which allows citizens in general – and particularly younger generations – to learn and appreciate the facts and works, the strategies and conceptions, the failures and successes of 100 years of engineering knowledge, thought and achievement in Portugal. The ultimate goal is to discuss the “art of the engineer” as a creator, entrepreneur and innovator in the context of the historical development of engineering in Portugal, in order to better understand the “moments of technological innovation” which occurred during the last one hundred years of the country’s history.

  • “PENSAR e FAZER engenharia com os mais novos”
    Coordinator: Profª Teresa Heitor
    Founder: Prof. Manuel Heitor

    … a competition for young people (6-18 years old) that aims to reward works related with the application of engineering, science and technology that are brought to fruition in high schools across Portugal by groups of students and teachers. The objectives of this initiative are to develop and stimulate interest in technology and its relation with society values and economic development; and to promote scientific culture and public awareness of the role of science and technology for human development.”