Science and technology (S&T) are key global resources for wealth and job creation and for shared prosperity at home and abroad. The impact of S&T on economic development is a result of complex processes involving the interaction of business, academia, and government. National and regional innovation systems impact the effective and efficient generation, application or use, and diffusion of S&T. Increasing interest in these processes has motivated creative and innovative research and practice across a wide range of businesses and academic disciplines – from management, marketing, engineering, and economics to public policy, sociology, history, and law.

The main objective of this series of international conferences on Technology Policy and Innovation is to bring together leading representatives of academic, business, and government sectors worldwide to present and discuss current and future issues of critical importance for using science and technology to foster regional economic development and shared prosperity at home and abroad . Multidisciplinary perspectives are encouraged to provide state-of-the-art and useful knowledge to decision makers in both the private and public sectors – including informed and effective education, business, and government policies and strategies for the global, knowledge economy.

The 1st International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation was held in Macau, off the coast of China, July 2-4, 1997, with the theme “21st Century Opportunities and Challenges for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy”. The 2nd conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal, August 3-5, 1998, with the theme “Knowledge for Inclusive Development”. The 3rd Conference was held in Austin, Texas, August 30-September 2, 2000, with the theme “Global Knowledge Partnerships: Creating Value for the 21st Century”. The 4th Conference was held in Curitiba, Brazil, in August 2000, focusing on "Learning and knowledge networks for development". In 2001, the 5th Conference was held in Delft, the Netherlands, focusing on "Critical Infrastructures". The 6th Conference was held in Kansai, Japan, in the summer 2002 emphasizing “Integrating Regional and Global Initiatives in the Learning Society” and the 7th Conference was held during the period June 10-13, 2003 in Monterey, México, under the theme “Connecting People, Ideas, and Resources across Communities”.

The 8th Conference, in 2005 in Lodz, will look after on initiatives to enhance the knowledge on the main fields concerning the governance of research systems, namely regarding the response to societal needs, the multidisciplinarity of scientific research and the interactions between institutions involved in the funding and performance of research activities supported by public funds.

PUBLICATIONS: Selected and extended papers presented during the various Conferences has been published as follows:

  • A series of special issues have been published in the international journal "Technological Forecasting and Social Change",

  • A second series of special issues have been published in the Intl. Journal of Technology, Policy and Management,

  • Outstanding material presented during the Conferences has been published in a book series, as in, through Greenwood Publishing Group Inc., and more recently from Purdue University Press.

These Conferences have been organized based on a close partnership between the IC2 Institute of The University of Texas at Austin, USA, and the Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research, IN+, of the Instituto Superior Tecnico in Portugal, but involving other major partners, as the Institute for International Studies of the Stanford University, USA, the Science and Technology Policy Research Unit of the University of Sussex, SPRU, UK, the Institute of Studies on Scientific Research of the italian National Research Council and the Delft University of Technology.

The following table gives details of the past and upcoming Conferences.


Instituto Superior Técnico:


University of Texas



International Conferences on Technology Policy and Innovation

2-4 July, 1997
Lisboa, Portugal
3-5 August, 1998
Austin, Texas, USA
30 August - 2 September, 1999
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Curitiba, Brasil
28-31 August, 2000
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Delft, Netherlands
26-29 June, 2001
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Kansai, Japan
12-15 August, 2002
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Monterey, Mexico
10-13 June, 2003
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Lodz, Poland
06-08 July, 2005
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Santorini, Greece
18-21 June 2006
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Stavanger, Norway
17-20 June 2007
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New Delhi, India
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Porto, Portugal
13 - 14 July 2009
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Bogotá, Colombia
8-9 September 2011
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