Creative Engineering and Design Thinking Boot Camp: becoming a modern tourist in old Lisbon

BEST Lisbon Summer Course 2015
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1. Schedule for allocation of groups and challenges

08 July 2015: the Organizers will identify and predefine teams, in a way to bring together a wide range of skills and nationalities in each team.

15 July 2015: each team will vote on potential challenges to be addressed. A maximum of three challenges may be selected by each team.

20 July 2015: Teams will be notified by the Organizers about their specific Challenge to be addressed.

2. Schedule for group work, seminars and presentation of results

01 August 2015, Saturday: starting date and meeting in Lisbon.

  • Meeting with BEST Lisbon coordination

03 August 2015, Monday:

  • 10h-13h: Seminar 1 and initial discussion; venue: CIUL, Council of Lisbon
    • Presentation of Lisbon and related challenges for sustainable tourism:
      • Manuel Heitor (IST)
      • Rita Castelo Branco (CML)
      • Tiago Farias (IST)
      • Rosália Vargas (Ciencia Viva)
      • Rita Prata (CML, “Lisbon Walks”)
      • Patricia Baptista (IST)
      • Andre Pina (IST) (Presentation)
    • Initial discussion of challenges by teams (3 min per team).
  • 12h-18: Project work
  • 18h-20h: Seminar 2 and Discussion; venue: Pavilhão do Conhecimento
    • Discussion of challenges with teams (3 min per team).
    • Seminar 2: André Pina and Patrícia Baptista (IST);

04 August 2015, Tuesday:

  • until 17h: Project work
  • 17h-19h: Seminar 3 and Discussion; venue: Associação do Turismo de Lisboa, ATL
    • Vitor Costa, ATL
    • Tiago Farias (IST)
    • Discussion of challenges with teams (3 min per team).

05 August 2015, Wednesday:

  • until 17h: Project work
  • 17h-20h: Seminar 4, Presentations and Discussion; venue: Centro de Inovação da Mouraria
    • 1st presentation by each team - 10 min, oral;
    • Seminar 4: Patricia Baptista (Presentation) and André Pina (IST);

06 August 2015, Thursday:

  • until 18h: Project work
  • 18h-20h: Seminar 5 and Discussion; venue: CIUL, Council of Lisbon
    • Seminar 5: Angelo Ramalho (ALSTOM)

07 August 2015, Friday:

  • until 17h: Project work
  • 17h: trip to Colares, Sintra

08 August 2015, Saturday@Colares, Sintra

  • 17h-24h: Presentation and Discussion with dinner
  • 2nd presentation by each team - 15 min, oral; venue: Colares

10 August 2015, Monday

  • Project work

11 August 2015, Tuesday:

  • until 18h: Project work
  • 18h-20h: Presentations and Discussion; venue: CIUL
  • 3rd presentation by each team - 15 min, oral and written draft paper (3 pages);

12 August 2015, Wednesday

  • Project work

13 August 2015, Thursday:

  • 11h-13h: Final Presentation and Discussion; venue: Camara de Comércio de Lisboa
  • Final presentation of team results (15 min, oral) and final written paper (3 pages).


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