Creative Engineering and Design Thinking Boot Camp: becoming a modern tourist in old Lisbon

BEST Lisbon Summer Course 2015
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Participants will be accommodated at IST student residence (

Group 1

Challenge G: Tourists exploring Culture Lisbon in the Lisbon metro and “last mile” electric mobility



Background: Industrial Engineering, Arts et Métiers (ENSAM)

Academic Degree: 1rst year Masters Degree

Interests: Volleyball, arts and design (drawing, painting, sculpture, product design)

György Csadó


Background: Electrical Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Academic Degree: Bachelor's degree

Interests: IT, music, photoshop, front-end (web design) etc.

David Peterson


Background: Mechanical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology

Academic Degree: Bachelor studies

Interests: Startups, personal development and extreme sports

Group 2

Challenge B: in-Lisbon biodiversity green path

Ioanna Kotsira


Background: Environmental Engineering, University of Crete

Academic Degree:

Interests: Dance and traveling

Georgios Blanas


Background: Computer Engineering, University of Patras

Academic Degree: Bachelor

Interests: Electronics, programming, web developing

Natalien Isenia


Background: Architecture, Delft University of Technology

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science (3rd year)

Interests: Biking, Singing, Volunteering, Badminton, Writing

Group 3

Challenge E: out-of-Lisbon beaches green path for surf

Natalia Pączko


Background: Architecture and Urban Planning, Wroclaw University of Technology

Academic Degree: Graduate of the high school and the post-secondary school of Landscape Architecture.
Now engineering studies - first degree - 3rd year.

Interests: Green building, saving energy, passive houses and new trends and technologies in architecture or also in urban and regional planning.

Beatriz Rincón Pozuelo


Background: Product Design Engineering, UPM (Polytechnic University of Madrid)

Academic Degree: Third year in bachelor's degree

Interests: Architecture, drawing, playing the piano and music in general



Background: Structural Engineering, University of Ljubljana

Academic Degree: Master

Interests: Sports, singing (preferably under a girl's window), any kind of construction

Group 4

Challenge D: in-Lisbon green path for wandering the streets

Madalina Manolache


Background: Architecture, TU Cluj-Napoca

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Architecture (5th year)

Interests: volunteering, travelling, industrial heritage

Michele Galasso


Background: Physics Engineering, Politecnico di Torino and Engineering Physics, KTH University in Stockholm

Academic Degree: Msc Degree

Interests: Music. I will graduate in Saxophone at the Conservatory "Giuseppe Verdi" of Turin in July 2015 (in 1 week!)

Borjana Bogatinoska


Background: Civil Engineering, St "Cyril and Methodius" University in Skopje

Academic Degree: Msc Degree

Interests: Traveling, discovering different cultures, their cuisine and architecture, photographing moments and interesting monuments (especially old parts of the cities), computers, diving and snorkeling, skiing etc.

Group 5

Challenge E: Belém easy accessibility (Câmara Municipal de Lisboa)

Kasia Waśniowska


Background: Architecture, TU Delft

Academic Degree: Bachelor studies in Cracow University of Technology

Interests: Art, Design, Architecture, Sailing, Traveling

Iga Zjawin


Background: Civil Engineering (building physics), Gdańsk University of Technology

Academic Degree: Bachelor

Interests: Dance, working with children and youth, traveling, green buildings

Antonis Vamiadakis


Background: Marine engineering and naval architecture, National Technical University of Athens

Academic Degree: Undergraduated student

Interests: Sailing, Martial Arts, Theatre, Photography, Dancinggg, Learning foreign languanges, learning foreigh souls

Group 6

Challenge A: in-Lisbon places of knowledge green path

Angel Lorente


Background: Civil Engineering, UPC (BarcelonaTech)

Academic Degree: Msc

Interests: Structures and transportation (specially in urban zones), Doing sport, such as playing football or riding a MTB. Also watching football and motor sports.

Marco Cherubin


Background: Computer Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science

Interests: Technology, Art, Writing

Ece Atil


Background: Architecture, TU Vienna

Academic Degree: Bachelor

Interests: Modern Jazz Dance, Member of a Choir, Sport and taking part in events, for example Life Ball (Vienna), traveling!
And if the question was in fact about interest in my study field: renovation, restoration, green architecture.

Group 7

Challenge C: in-Lisbon green path for Tastes of the city

Rok Hafner


Background: Civil Engineering, University of Ljubljana

Academic Degree: Msc

Interests: sports (boxing, cycling, jogging, hiking), card games (poker, tarok), traveling, hanging out with friends, reading books

Binasa Drndar


Background: Architecture, SS.”CYRIL AND METHODIUS” SKOPJE

Academic Degree: 4th year of studies

Interests: Cooking: one of the things that really make me happy while doing it in spare time, especially when doing it for friends.
Playing the piano, riding the bike, reading books, drawing, listening to music: things that help me unwind, vent stress and clear my mind :)

Pieter Van Broekhoven


Background: Electromechanical Engineering, Leuven

Academic Degree: 4th year of studies

-reading books
-I enjoy witty English phrases and having good jolly fun with everybody :)
-12 years of music education, 9 years saxophone

Christina von Dwingelo-Lütten


Background: Architecture, Technical University of Vienna

Academic Degree: Bachelor-Design-Project

Interests: rock climing/bouldering first of all which I need to balance out my studies (as you might know, they are really exhausting sometimes and so I need to do sports that are fun ...). second big interest I got is reading (have to confess: I read almost every book that's getting in my hands cause I LOVE books and always have). Third big interest is hiking in general which I prefer to do in the Alps together with my sister and my boyfriend and combined with paragliding what I started quite some time ago.


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