Aeronautics Innovation Roundtables:
Uncertainty, Globalization and Skills

23 July 2015: Challenges in Innovation Studies: lessons learned from the aeronautical industry

Venue: IST Lisboa (Mechanical Engineering; EDAM meeting Room)

Local organizers: Manuel Heitor, IN+/LARSYS; IST Lisbon & Joana Mendonça, IN+/LARSYS; IST Lisbon

10:00 am: Introduction, Manuel Heitor

10:10 am: Introductory Lectures (Chair, Manuel Heitor)

Nadine Roijakkers (Knowledge Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, KIZOK; Universiteit Hasselt, D), “Case studies in Open Innovation and IP Management”.
Discussants: Elsa Henriques (LAETA/IST), Maria João Corte-Real (IN+/LARSYS)

Basar Seckin (Roketsan Inc.;, Turkey), “Firm Level Absorptive Capacity and the Success of International Technology Transfer in Developing Countries: lessons learned from an Aerospace firm in Turkey”.
Discussants: Ana Barros (INESC TEC), Luís Faria (LAETA/IST), André Valente (IDMEC)

11:00 am Coffee break

11:30 am: E4 value Project: Presentations and discussion (Chair, Manuel Freitas)

  • Joana Mendonça, E4value – Brief Overview
  • Claudio Santos (INESC TEC),
  • Maria João Corte-Real (IN+/LARSYS), Patterns of labour force specialization
  • Nuno Ferreira (IN+/LARSYS), Social Networks in Industry
  • André Valente (IDMEC), Looking at technological capacity

1:30 pm Lunch

2:30 pm: E4 value Project Meeting (Chair, Joana Mendonça)

Participants: Project partners (IN+, IDMEC, INESC TEC, CEIIA), PEMAS, Invited Participants

Projects’ Research agenda
Interviews Update
Survey Update
Collaboration with other partners: Value chain; Pemas and Quasar
Visit to Embraer
Next steps

5:00 pm Closure